The Ladder

by Kiva

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Tuva on Rye 04:40
Untouchable 03:40
You give me no reason I search for the rhyme A moment suspended in time Fades as I open my eyes The air won't respond to my cries It all seems so random And up in the air It just doesn't seem to be fair I don't care if it's right or it's wrong I turned around you were gone So untouchable I'll build a fire For my survival And burn these pages Of history So I won't have to see What never was meant to be It seemed like the world Had turned upside down The last time you blew into town I vaguely recall it was cold The day I found out you'd been sold So untouchable I cannot defend myself to the wind The will 'o the wisp it twists and it bends It takes away all I hold dear to my heart And expects me to start all over again
Gone Forever 04:56
It wasn't so long ago She was around All of the time So familiar yet so elusive He gave her an angel to wear But she didn't need it She already was And she was free now Wherever free is She may as well be gone forever A head full of strange ideas And what would he say if She came back today How could he keep her near He finds it hard to relate She loves from a distance Longer than time An alien creature An alien culture He said she heard a voice Inside her head And then the voice got so loud She obeyed what it said
Seven Years 03:57
You look into the mirror and Don't like what you see And you smash your fist into it Just to test the theory It takes a long time to go away Seven years they say And your life has become shattered You reached the point where boredom Settled in like the plague And all the time you wasted Left you burning with rage And it takes a long time to understand Seven years to mend It's an itch that keeps on scratching The bars on the window The marks on the wall Seven years to ponder The sense of it all It takes a long time to understand Seven years to mend The vultures couldn't wait until you were dead They left behind your essence Hanging by a thread And it takes a long time to grow it back Seven years in fact But the soul's not so elastic
One day I wandered into a gallery It must be my love of art I sauntered down the hallways It felt like a maze And then I found it all by itself The big picture painted by Someone who'll never tell us why If you're impatient so am I Don't want to wait until I die I returned many times to the gallery Paid my admission fee each time Kept getting lost in the hallways Forgetting the way Till I found it again all by itself One day it came to me in a flash of light All of the pieces seemed to fit So I lectured to passersby On the meaning of The symbolism in the big picture But they just turned and walked away Too many opinions they said And haven't you heard The artist is dead
Framed upon my memory For a split second You were my eternal lover Features refined Egyptian eyes I take it upon myself No shifting blame The animated images They move too fast Plagued by indecision Blurring the field of vision Could it be more unlikely Then how am I to explain you If you have nothing to lose And you have time to spare Slip your fingers through the shutters and Touch my heart Then disappear Then disappear Then disappear
She plays upon the sensitive ones That can't say no Tries to get you in her clutches And won't let go I believe she's finally got you Up against the wall You could even say that you've been Caught with your fly down You follow temptation And nothing's the way that it appears What would you do if you found yourself Staring down her throat Venus and the fly A word of caution to the wise If you're caught off guard You find yourself in her territory You best run far You gotta make your own decisions A code to live by This could be another case Of Venus and the fly
Dare to Lose 04:01
Why is the grass always greener Nothing is quite right right here I long for a land with no fences A land where there is no fear I take things for granted like you do There's plenty of time where that came from Why don't we just tie our rafts together And search for the distant shore Climbing the walls often feels like The garden is only for the chosen few You'll never know what you're missing Only if you dare to lose They maybe love will refuse But if you dare to lose Then maybe you'll gain the world Only if you dare to lose
Chemistry is such that It can cause a great explosion Or cure the world of all its ills Except for love's illusions You bought up all my theories A cut and dried transaction Went somewhere else to use them Leaving me with calculation We were experiments gone wrong Poisonous and flammable Causing pandemonium Downright incompatible Kids Don't try this at home When half a brain is damaged The other will compensate So where were you when I needed you When my schemes turned out half baked
It's not so simple But it's simple for me If you risk emotion Can't be risk free I tried to tell you But you could not see You had a future But not with me Was it Mother Nature Who caused this stormy sea Heart overboard It couldn't be avoided I was at the helm The circumstances Did overwhelm Was it accidental Or did you choose to go Or did you get some help from me No one will ever know Perhaps someday they'll find you When you wash up on the shore As for me I will return To the life I knew before Was it Mother Nature Who caused this stormy sea Heart overboard It was Mother Nature They'll never suspect me Heart overboard
On the banks of the Ganges The women are washing Every day naked wide eyed children play All the men gather together and pray On the banks of the Ganges The weak become strong The aged are young In a vast congregation beneath the sun Where the dead and the dying are one On the Ganges Everything has always been this way On the Ganges Everything will always be this way Be this way Time goes by with invisible motion Current turns from this river to the ocean And the universe unfolds as the Ganges flows On the Ganges The cycle ends and is begun On the Ganges The cycle ends what you've begun And you're the one
As vivid as it may seem In that vaguely familiar dream The borderlines do bleed Into the dawn And gravity pulls you down down down Though sorrowful it may be A weeping willow tree Provides us all with shade Whispering low It wishes it had somewhere to go Your patch of land is bare Not blooming Fallout is in the air There's nothing to hold you here You have the freedom to go Plenty of room left to grow You have the freedom to go Your patch of land is bare Not blooming Fallout is everywhere And nothing can hold you here
Regret 04:47
Charisma is so compelling Potential for tragedy high The meek wonder what they'll inherit Is suffering justified Something is so familiar A feeling of dread in the air When is that crucial moment A failure to recognize Reason is somewhat cloudy And errors are made easily Ages pass by without warning Somehow the guilty remain Why are we so determined So eager to learn the hard way Perhaps if it weren't for this lesson We wouldn't be here anyway


The debut album is full of rich lyrics, lush arrangements and contributions of many accomplished musicians. A diverse listening journey culminating with Kiva's biggest hit 'Regret'. Overtone singing (two pitches simultaneously from one voice) plays a role in roughly a third of the album.


released May 24, 1998

Produced by Gary Taylor
Co-produced by Kiva Simova
Track #9 produced by Greg Leskiw
Engineered and mixed by John Bailey and Gary Taylor
Track #9 engineered by Greg Leskiw
Assisted by Andy Bruce
Recorded at Lydian Sound, Richmond Hill, ON, Canada
and Taylor 451, Toronto, ON, Canada
Track #9 recorded and mixed at VoxPop, Winnipeg, MB, Canada
Mixed and mastered at Lydian Sound

Photos of Kiva by Steven Carty
Disc photo of Kiva's hands by Mike Bossy
Cover art by Gary Taylor
Graphics by Jo Castrucci of Wildflower Ink

Funded and supported by FACTOR, Ontario Arts Council, CIDO


all rights reserved



Kiva Simova Winnipeg, Manitoba

Canadian Kiva Simova is a pioneer of overtone singing (2 pitches from 1 voice) blending it with jazzy pop, experimental, world, accompanying herself on keys, tours globally solo, teaches overtone singing online & public workshops, improvises live and on recordings with well known artists incl. Tanya Tagaq, Jennifer Berezan. Has 3 solo CDs. Was tour member of Crash Test Dummies '94 world tour ... more

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